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I met a guy online through a mutual friend. This mutual friend was my classmate in school nd we knew each other for two years. She met him online too. He used to chat with both of us and eventually became good friends with both of us. I used to chat with him daily. Used to share everything with him and could tell him anything without any hesitation. I had started liking him and told him about my feelings. He said he felt the same way and soon we started dating. We loved each other a lot. I had a bit of a misunderstanding with our mutual friend when i heard she had talked behind my back. I told this guy about it as i used to share everything with him. He was good friends with her too. Then one day he suddenly said he had lost feelings for me. He refused to talk when i called him several times and threatened to block me. He pushed me to the limit where i lost my patience and cursed him. After that he turned against me and blocked me. I apologized but he said "fuck off". A week later i told our mutual friend about our relatiomship (she didn't know about it as he had asked me not to tell anyone about it for the time being). She refused to believe me and said she knew from a long time whom he liked. (Implying he liked her) and that they were dating. I was shattered. I accused him of double dating and playing with my friend now. He said he never cheated. He abused me and said i was claiming to be her friend just because she was "very close" to him now. Those words hurted like hell. We abused and cursed each other a lot. It has been one nd a half month and i still haven't been able to heal completely. I still feel the pain somehow though. I don't know whether i really do hate him after all he had done to me. But i just can't heal. Sometimes i feel how the person who was once upon a time so close to me. Liked me such a lot has turned completely against me and hates me more than anyone.

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