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My BF won't see one part of my family & other stuff

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Relationship advice My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months now. He doesn't like my mom and he doesn't want to be around her. When my mom has a holiday thing going on like Thanksgiving dinner, he won't go even though he doesn't even need to talk to her. He won't visit that side of my family and it really upsets me. Could this be signs of bigger problems in our future? Also my father is in jail for certain reasons, my boyfriend knows. And everyone talks about their future in their relationships. We have talked about marriage, if we get there. I said I would want my father to walk me down the isle if he's out by then. He said he doesn't want to do that. (P.S. My mom is my adoptive mom. My dad is biological.) I have said if my dad can't then I want my mom to walk me down the isle. He said no because he doesn't like her! He said he would want my uncle to do that instead because he likes my uncle. I said I wanted someone I have lived with for a long time like a parent to do that. We can't come to agreements on certain things. And this annoys me. Any insight on this?

My BF won't see one part of my family & other stuff

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i am not sure about advice but some insights on this:

it helps if your boyfriend gets along with your mum. is there a reason why your boyfriend doesnt like your mum.

have you talked about what it means to you and how much it means to have your dad walk you down the isle or your mum. does your boyfriend know what it means and how much it means to have a parent do this.

is there a reason why your boyfriend wont visit your mums side of the family.

have you tried premartial counselling to work through money relatives work children and the practical decisions like where to live when you are married buy a house etc how many children if any holidays arrangements with family and decide when you want to marry.

and premarital counselling to see if you are compatible and there are no other problems that need to deal with before you marry your boyfriend.

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