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Emotional advice I met a guy online through a mutual friend.This mutual friend was my classmate in school. Both of us met him online. He became real good friends with both of us.

He used to chat with both of us.

I liked him a lot and i felt he liked me too. I told him about my feelings and he said he felt the same way. So from besties..we became lovers. I loved him a lot. But one day he said he lost feelings. First he said the reason was i did not give him space. I promised i would give him space if he felt that way. But he was adamant. I pleaded. It was hard for me to let go a person i loved so much.

He said he needed time to figure out. After two days...(the worst time of my life. I was under lot of stress and frustation regarding what he had said) he texted whether we could be just friends again.he said "i don't have feelings for you. I don't know the reason. It just can curse me and probably kill me now". I called him a bunch of times after that text and he just refused to pick up the phone. He threatened to block me if i called again. I was shattered and heartbroken. He pushed me to the limit where i lost my patience and cursed him via text. I said few offensive things in anger.

After that he said "i was planning to call you but now u have crossed the line". he turned against me and blocked me at once.

I apologized. I was damn angry. Plus i never thought he would ever think of leaving me. But he just said "fuck off".

And then just a week later i come to know he is dating my friend who was just a "good friend". I felt miserable. Was he so close to her too that just after leaving me,he started dating her. (She never knew about our relationship as he wanted me not to tell others about it for the time being).

The whole thing just sucks.

During our relationship..he used to tell me that he valued both his friendship with her and his relationship with me. I never objected to it as i never wanted him to give up on his friends just because of me.

But i never knew he would be so close to her too that right after dumping me..he would go dating her. It sucks now that he hates me (whereas i had all the right to curse him and inspite of that i apologized) and he loves someone else.

It's been a month now and this thought and the feeling i get keeps killing me. He abused me a lot after i cursed him. But still...i do not know whats happening to me. My mind tells me i should hate him but my heart just refuses. I just can't understand my emotions. What is happening to me?


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That sucks...Did you ever tell your friend what happened? Let her know and talk to her about what he did to you and what happened. Because he might do the same thing to her. He is an asshole and he shouldn't have done that to you. He did you wrong. I know you feel that you still love him, but you have to move on. Start seeing other guys, and don't have it to where the person you are getting to know or are dating is also becoming friends with one of your girlfriends. That could cause the same issue. I'm sorry that happened to you. Things will get better and I hope you start feeling better soon.


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The thing is that during the time when we were just "good friends" (we did like each other) i got to know that he had gone for a movie with my friend from another friend of mine. I asked him. Then i asked her. Both of them said that the movie was just a plan and it was never executed. But i didn't understand as to WHY he had to meet her in real in the first place.

My friend got sort of pissed off after i inquired. She said i poked my nose in everything. I got to know this. As this guy and i were really close i told him what i had heard.

But then..i confronted her as to why she said that. She said that i should have asked her first regarding they had gone for a movie or not. But since i asked him first..she thought i did not trust her. i told her that it was nothing about trust. And i did not go and ask him first intentionally.

Now a week later after he blocked me..i asked her whether he had told her anything about the fight and me.

I had told her that we had a fight but did not say what had happened as i did not wish to discuss about our relationship as we had not told anyone about it yet.

But she said that i should trust her and tell her the reason of our fight. I told her what he had done.

After listening to my story she just said "stop saying these things. I know the truth about who "likes" whom and i know from a long time whom he likes. Stop saying things against him as we are dating each other".

i was shocked. I told her the truth and she accused me of lying and trying to turn her against him.

i thought he doubledated and i accused him. He said he never doubledated and that i was pretending to be her friend as i had "called her a hypocrite". i never said that about her and i had even sorted the matter with her. He abused me a great deal calling me a "disgrace to lover..friend and human".


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Plus the day he blocked me..i saw he was happily talking to my friend. I was dying here and he didn't even care. I was more angry and i told my friend right in front of him that people like him shoukd be avoided as they just appear to be good. I was so damn pissed off with him. And then he accused me of instigating people against him.

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