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Does my X want me back?

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My x boyfriend and I are both seniors in high school we dated a year before I broke up with him not only because of the stress of our looming gradualism but because I felt I had started doubting my feelings for him. During our time together we would often discuss our future, our goals/plans and our love for each other. Everything seemed perfect. I thought that during the time we were seperated we would still be able to maintain a caring friendship. When he shut me out of his life and because bitter and resentful I moved on and started dating other people. I hated being close to them! Everything reminded me of him and I began to regret my decision to end the relationship. When I find out my x had started having casual sex with a mutual friend of ours i was devistated. I threw myself back into making the relationship work. Willing to do anything! A few weeks after reconnecting with him we started having sex and all physical relations with the other girl stopped. I felt great! I was happy again thinking he wanted to get back together with me. I was hurt and more than a little confused when he told me he didn't want a girlfriend right now and that he couldn't b with me right now "maybe sometime in the future". We r still occasionally having sex and spend time together a couple times a wk. he says he love me when we r in bed together. He even asked me to wait for him once. But when we spend time together outside of the bedroom his body language and reluctance to talk about "us" tells me he just wants to b friends. I've tried to tell him how I feelultiple times while still being sensitive to his feelings but it's been weeks and with our highschool career coming to a close I just don't know what to do! I love him and want to start building our life together I can't seen self with anyone else :(

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