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Ex wife and other child

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Ok my husband and I have been married for two years. I am a drug addict and i have twenty mounths clean, in this time we had a baby. The thing is that he was married before and has a four year old that we haven't seen in almost ayear and a half. because i was going through rehab and it was hard to have her around just a stress full time trying to put our life back together.My problem is I don't want to start having her. I know this sounds bad but I can't stand her she acts just like her mom and when we see the four year his ex thinks that we owe her something and that my husband should do everything for her (the ex) so is it to selfish of me to ask that he not see her anymore he hasn't really seen her in like a year and ahalf really. I know it's selfish but i can't help but not care. we finally have a great life with our baby and it seem's that eveytime we star talking about it we almost end our relationship over it cause i don't want to have her and he does. well that's it

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