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Love just sucks, or doesn't it?

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Emotional advice So i'm having this certain problem. My boyfriend and i broke up a few months ago and i was really sad because we were dating for several years. But then i met this new guy and we were getting along so well right from the beginning. We were laughing a lot and just had a lot of fun together. Then we started texting and he sometimes wrote things like "i miss you" or "i want to be where you are" and he also looked at me with that special look, i can't even explain. But i knew i really liked him and that i wanted to get to know him better, i just couldn't stop thinking about him. Well, we've had our first date but we didn't really call it one, we just met and watched a movie. I tried to flirt with him and all that to somehow show him that i liked him. But ever since this "date", it got weird. He didn't text me and when we met each other in school we just talked little. So a few days ago i asked him what was wrong and why he acted so weird. Then i asked him if he saw our "date" as a real date because i had hoped it was one. He replied that it was complicated to explain but that he didn't really see it as a date. He said that when we first met, he thought that we could be more than friends but that there "just wasn't any chemistry between us." I think that just sucks because i had felt a lot of chemistry and i really like him. We just kind of clicked right from the beginning, at least that's what i thought. So what am i supposed to do? I really really like him and i could even imagine to fall in love with him one day, he's everything i wish for in a guy. Ever since he told me that he only liked me as a friend i am really sad and confused. I just don't know what i did wrong. So should i fight for him and somehow convince him that i can be more than a friend to him? Or what else do you think i can do? I just want him to like me the way i do, it hurts so much to know that he doesn't want me as a girlfriend. It just sucks, you know, you meet this special guy, feel a special connection, think about him all the time and dream about being with him and suddenly all of that gets destroyed when he tells you that he doesn't feel the same way.

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