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How to deal with a person who is depressed

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Hello there! Well lets get to the point..about 2 month ago i found the tumblr blog of a girl i know from school and this way i found out about her depression and her self harm. ( im dealing with these issues myself too btw). We started texting on tumblr but i didnt tell her who i am ( that she knows me in real life)..and we got very close on we were flirting a lot ( we're both bi) and talked about everyhing. Then about a week ago i finally told her who i really am..she was shocked at first but she took it quite well and she sais she likes me and she wants to be friends with me.. and we're still texting on tumblr. Well we are both really shy and so it gets really awkward in school..its crazy, when we're texting online we are so flirty and get along so well but when we face each other in school we can barely look into each others eyes. I'm not sure if she likes me s more than a friend but thats not really the point anyway. My problem is that it is really hard to talk to her because she is so shy..and its because she is depressed and she just hates herself and doesnt even want me to compliment her because she doesnt believe that i mean what i say. So i just wanna know what i should do to get closer to her in real life...and just how i am suppossed to deal with her depression ( i am depressed myself but ive never had to deal with a friend being depressed). I'm not sure if i can just hug her or not for example...its just really complicated and i dont know what to do.

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