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Please help me. I came across a guy online. He became good friends with me and my friend(girl).
He used to chat with both of us.
We used to talk everyday. Soon we started dating each other.
I came to know that he interacted with my friend a lot too. I objected. But he said he had been real good friends with her before he fell in love with me and that he valued both his friendship and relationship. He said i should have faith in him. I agreed.
Then suddenly one day..i do not understand what happened. He just said he lost the feelings he had for me. I pleaded but he said he needed time to figure out. I was damn upset. After two days of continuous mental stress..i asked him to talk to me. He said he just wanted to be friends again. I asked him the reason. He said he didn't know the exact reason. It "just happened" and he had no feelings for me. I called him a bunch of times but he refused to talk.
I was pushed to the limit where i just lost all my patience and cursed him.
after that he just blocked me.
Due to some misunderstandings he felt that i was instigating our mutual friends. I never did so.
I apologized to him. But he just told me to stop pretending and fuck off. I never pretended. Plus i apologized even though it was all his fault.
A week later i talked to my friend with whom he was friends too.She told me to trust her nd tell her why we had fought. ( intially i had heard she had talked about me behind my back. I had told him what i had heard as i was close to him. I had also confronted her about this. It was true. But i forgave her.)
We had not yet told anybody about our relationship.
So when i told her what had happened, she simply refused to believe me.
Coz they were dating each other! She accused me of chasing him and trying to turn her against him by telling false stories just because i liked him. She said she knew the "truth" as he had told her. I do not understand what truth she was talking about when i had told her the truth myself.
I was shattered.
He told me he never double dated. But just within a week he found someone else? And that too when i had faith in him and let him be friends with her.
He abused me a lot. He accused me of being a fake friend to her. I had nothing against her nd that was the only reason i confided in her.
He blamed me for cursing. But i had apologized to which he said i pretended. He just refused to see how hurt i was getting. To him my tears were crocodile tears. I was being a bitch according to him.
It just tore me apart when i saw the same person who i loved so much, who used to make me happy..making me cry. It was heartbreaking to see him with someone else nd the fact that he loved me once too was denied. he had turned against me completely nd so had my friend..both due to their own respective misunderstandings. I know they talk shit about me. Nd i can just feel a stab of pain whenever i think about it. :'(

No words

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It sounds like this guy has not been very honest with you or your friend and has come between you both. For him to be abusing you and telling stories about you to your friend is pretty low and you clearly deserve better than this. As much as you may like this guy, he no longer has feelings for you and has little respect for you - and it is by no means your fault! It sounds to me like him ending the relationship was the best thing for you as you can now focus on moving on and realising there are many more guys out there who will adore you and treat you much better - but you have to set the standard, and part of that comes with knowing you will find someone who will truly care for you and you can find true happiness with. Both your friend and this guy have shown you who they really are - believe them! The odds are that he will eventually end up hurting your friend as much as he has hurt you, as relationships that begin out of infidelity and dishonesty are set up for failure from the get go. I know it's easier said than done, but the best thing for you is to move on, and look on the bright side - there are so many fun and exciting people out there for you to meet and get to know and you will eventually find someone that was really worth the wait!

No words

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First of all, I'd start by saying sorry for the pain you've felt and I hope it will soon fade away.

Maybe this experience will be a lesson for you the next time you'd be engaged in this matter. Having a relationship through a partner you've met online should make you be prepared for whatever the risk that might happen.

So far I've only met a few people who had a success in their relationship that started online.

Maybe even if it is heartbreaking. You should also consider meeting that person rather than online before even developing such feelings for him and also to really confirm each others feelings for each other.

And as for your friend. I don't even think she'd deserve you as her friend 'cause she didn't even trusted you even if you trusted her.

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