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Emotionally Disturbed Because Of Mother-in-law

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on Dec 24 2012 at 10:15
Member since: 24 December 2012
Relationship advice Hello..I ve been married for 2 years now but m facing lot of emotional disturbance because of my mother-in-law.My husband is only son.He lost his father wen he was 16.Since then his mother took care of him.He started earning when he was 18.He met me in college n den he approached my mother for marriage.My mum liked him as a person so he said yes to him.Finally i married him 2 years back at the age of 29.We are from different cultures.Ever since i married and went to his house his mother started fighting with my husband virtually every night.My first month of marriage was fine.I understood that she is getting a bit possessive about her son.The day it was one month of my wedding, she started nagging at me.She started dominating me to do everything her way only.What to wear, what to read.How to cook food her way...everything.It was frustrating.So i decided to take up a job.I told my husband, he even tried to defend me but nothing worked.She fought with him that after marriage he took my side and n not his mother.After that every 15 days...they both just fought because of me...She always accused me for various reasons.I never back answered her.But living their was horrifying.I started visiting my parents frequently just to get rid of her yelling and fighting.But she fought with mu husband on that too saying why does your wife goes to her parents frequently.It was difficult phase.I thought everything will be fine after one year.But nothing changed.She kept fighting with my husband blaming me for nothing.She told my husband not to discuss anything about finances to me.She wanted me to stay away from all domestic topics.I was treated like a paying guest.She told me to do all domestic expenses and not my husband.I was shocked by her statement.My husband supported me but could not stop his mother from bothering me.Even today after completing 2 years of marriage, she still continues to dominate me.She does not allow me to take any decision in the house.What should be cooked.What should be prepared for his lunch.How should vegetables be cooked.Everything.I am sick of this.I told my husband that i cannot take her dominating attitude, but he says that she never abused me on my face.She always fought with me and not you.And is not in favor to take another apartment for me.I cannot live under one roof with my mother in law.My husband is not understanding my grudge.What do i do???????/Please help!!!!!!!!
Emotionally disturbed because of Mother-in-law
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on Dec 26 2012 at 10:49
Member since: 24 December 2012

If suppose if she was your own mom, is it possible to leave her ?

try to ignore her command , think which is correct or wrong as per that u cont your life.

Be happy atleast your husband with u

take care

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