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Can't Seem To Get Ahead

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on Jan 6 2013 at 20:44
Member since: 06 January 2013
Housing advice Ever since I was a teen I've been struggling to keep a roof over my head. My parents fell ill and passed when I became a young adult. My house got foreclosed and I was in a shelter. To make a long story short I've been in an apartment,house again (with roommates), trailer home (with roommates), then couch jumping. Was living out in the streets with my husband for a year. Did a work for rent deal a few times. Now once again work is slow and we're looking at being homeless again. Some things that happened was a loss of a job for him or I. Plus the roommates we found ended up just either leaving out of the blue or stealing from each other. It's been crazy but that's life. I'm not sure on what is going to happen but one thing is for sure we need to get out of Vegas or this we aren't going to get anywhere fast.
Can't seem to get ahead
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on Jan 12 2013 at 20:33
Member since: 12 January 2013
I am a personal consultant. Most of my work is teaching people how to become independently wealthy. I could take a person out of the first month of school and have him/her financially ahead his/her freshman classmates when they graduate, even almost wealthy. There is know reason why anyone in this country should not be wealthy. [e-mail address removed] This is the only way I can be contacted.

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