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Is he wasting my time?

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ive been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now. when we first started going out, things were great, but things have been going downhill for a while now. Im 22, hes 23, we dont live together or have kids (thank god), i honestly can't remember the last time we actually went out on a date together, when we do make plans to go out, they all seem to go wrong, either because of lack of money or because he decides hes gotta invite his mates along as well, or sometimes he just changes his mind at the last minute and decides he doesnt really wanna go but just tells me he's too tired to go out. we only end up having sex about once a month if im lucky, and when it does happen its usually initiated by me just before we go to sleep. on the rare occasions he initiates it, it feels kinda forced, like he cant really be bothered to try (if you know what i mean). i dont seem to get a lot of basic physical affection from him these days unless i ask for it or unless he can see im upset about something or when we're saying goodbye to each other. i can tell he's always been fairly popular and never had too much of a problem making friends or attracting female attention, as hes a good looking bloke and seems to get on easily with pretty much everyone. i, on the other hand, always had the exact opposite situation to deal with when i was growing up. he occasionally tells me stuff about his ex-girlfriends that i dont really want to hear and i know he's still in contact with a few of them. i dont believe for a minute that he's cheating on me, mainly because he now lives 150 miles away from where he used to live, but when he tells me things i still manage to feel completely inferior somehow. im at my wits end. i havent been able to sleep properly for at least a year, i dont feel comfortable discussing this with anyone i know, ive tried dropping hints to my boyfriend about certain things but he just doesnt seem to notice... i love him and i dont want to lose him... what the heck should i do?? any advice would be much appreciated...

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