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Emotional advice I met a guy online through a mutual friend of mine(girl). She had met him online too.
This guy used to chat with both of us.
Soon we became good friends nd then started dating. However he used to chat with my friend too stating that they were just good friends and that i must have faith in him and that he values both his friendship and relationship.
Then he breaks up with me stating that he lost feelings for me. He avoided taking my calls nd pushed me to the limit where i texted nd cursed him a lot. He blocks me after that.
I was hurt nd upset. I saw him commenting on my friend's pic dat very day nd i was even more angry thinking how coukd a person be so chilled out after hurting me so bad. I just wrote on her pic to avoid such people.
He thinks i am instigating people against him.
I was very hurt nd a week later i told my friend what had happened. Our relationship was not disclosed to anyone as he asked me not to tell anyone as the time was not right.
My friend refuses to believe me stating they had been dating for almost 6 months (before our relationship began). He had told her that he blocked me because i told him that she was dating someone else. And she assuned that i was trying to instigate both of them towards each other and trying to break their relationship just because i wanted to get him as he had "rejected" me.
I was shocked nd shattered. Nd it feels sick to know that the person i trusted so much cheated me all the way. He was infact double dating. He even denied our relationship nd said that i was trying to ruin their love. I don't know why he felt in the first place that i was against him. I was so hurt nd i cried like hell. But he called it "crocodile tears". it feels so sick to be dumped,cheated,hated and abused for things you haven't done. I shoukd hate him but once in a while i can't help that tinge of pain i feel when i think about the entire experience.


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Darling! Its not your fault at all. You sadly gave your heart to someone who didnt deserve it at all.I know you're going through alot right now but remember TIME heals everything. I would advice you to stop feeling bad about what happened and start loving yourself. It will help you alot to move on in life

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