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How to get past this awkward friendship

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on Feb 6 2013 at 06:15
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Relationship advice Hey everyone. So I have been single for about 5 months now after a 3 year relationship imploded. I am doing well in regards to moving on from my ex(she is no longer involved in my life in any way, and I want to keep it that way) and I am ready to start the whole dating thing. I just turned 22 last month and I am in my last semester of college. So my dilemma is this: I go back home from college most weekends(only an hour and a half drive, and I used to go back to be with my ex, so I am use to the drive) now to work at the local grocery store so I can keep my job for over the summer. With the economy the way it is, I am not gonna sacrifice giving up my job just because I have to drive home from school. Besides, I love home cooked meals :P Anyway, there is this girl I work with. Really nice, cute girl. She goes to the college back home where we live. So we have never talked much aside from coworker small talk about how busy it is and how the weather is. So a few weeks back, I decided to send her a Facebook message asking her if she would like to grab some coffee that coming weekend. Now, I would have rather asked her in person, but since the semester started, we never work together on the weekends. She responded and was nice and said sure but she would have to wait and see when she was working that weekend before she could finalize the plans. I was happy, and didn't press her much since it was over Facebook and us getting coffee was ment to get to know each other. Well, I didnt want to be pushy or come off as clingy, so I sent her one more message on wednesday asking if her classes were going well that day and that I hoped she wasnt busy with work that weekend so we could get coffee. She never responded to the message but Facebook tells you when they read the messages so I know she got it. So I let it go and didnt bother her at all and just ignored it all kind of thinking it was a bit rude of her to not even respond at all saying she was just too busy. So its been a few weeks, and I still havent worked with her on the weekends, but I have noticed a couple times in the past week she has liked a few of my Facebook posts and statuses, which reminded me about her, and I still want to have coffee with her and get to know her even though she kind of stood me up a bit. I'm not madly in love with her or anything like that. I just found it peculiar how everything went down, and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt on what happened before and still try to get to know her. I would be happy if we just became better friends and nothing else developed. So my question is, how should I go about talking to her all over again with this awkward Facebook asking out to coffee fiasco hanging over both of our heads. I dont want to shoot myself in the foot this time, and I dont want to make her uncomfortable thinking that I am being obsessive, ya know. Any help would be great

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