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Help Me Please!

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on Feb 6 2013 at 21:12
Member since: 06 February 2013
Relationship advice Hi guys, I needed big-time advice on what to deal with this, so I thought I'd ask you all on here for your honest opinions.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a 1 1/2 years and we were each others first real loves and we even lost our virginity to each other too. We had this connection, we literally were the perfect fit. HOWEVER, he had dropped out of college to work for his family for a bit and he's been very ..different and I've been there for him a lot, but he always says I deserve better and that he loves me and never wants to hurt me. Lately we have argued a lot and its always because he never understands how to treat a girl, I mean he doesn't cheat or go out and/or even TALK to girls, which is obviously very good, and I definitely don't take that for granted, but I mean, the things he'd say without thinking kind of bug me..

So we decided to talk about it. I honestly really love him and I have been there for him so much, and I really do care for him more than myself, but he said it would be better if we were just best friends and not actually dating "at least until we can both grow up and get our heads together (especially him)." I got really upset and told him I refuse to be a rebound and he got very upset that I thought of him to go and do that, and he said "If i wanted to/had the mentality right now, to date.. I would be with you. I want you in my life, I don't want you to leave, but for the sake of hurting you and my getting back on track, being friends is the smart thing to do right now.. Who knows, I have been thinking, within the next couple of years, if we're still close, we might get back together? I don't know.. I would love that because you're such an amazing girl, and I really do love you."

Instead of agreeing.. I (stupid me) went into bitch-mode lol, and decided to start crying and became an emotional wreck to the point where I'm like, please never speak to me again.

That was when we broke up, I was a wreck, we kept talking to try to figure it out. His mind and heart are constantly at war. It confuses me because he still feels the same about me, but not about the relationship. I was thinking it was because we always fought, and he says he just wants to focus, which, I understand, I'll give him space. I have.

I removed him from any chances of communicating with me, and gave my phone to my mom for a week so I could manage to not talk to him. I broke down before the week, lol. But then we started talking again. This went on for about two weeks.. he saw me in person, he was different.

We ended up getting back together, and he said "'I'll try." that is all he said. I told him, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to" he just kept saying, "I'll try, if I can't, I can't, but I'll try, ok?" ......Honestly, that makes me feel like the relationship is destined to fail. How do I get him back to normal? Give him space? The sex is great and everything else is too, its just the communication/emotion part... which is exxxxtttrrrremely important.

Advice, please!!!

Thank you :(

Help Me Please!
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on Feb 9 2013 at 20:30
Member since: 03 February 2013
This could be as simple as depression. I don't mean to dismiss depression in any way, it almost killed me, but if that is the issue there is plenty of treatment available. Good luck.

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