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The wrong or right decision my fiancée

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My boyfriend and and i met about 2 years ago i knew almost instantly be was the one but at that time he was not even close to being ready to settle down. I agreed to date and ride it out waiting and falling more in love with him then about a year into it he asked me to move in i did h so happy to thinking a.d i guess expecting it was maybe getting more serious. Then before i knew what bit me within three onths he was asking me to move back out so i did broke my heart so bad i honestly thought this was the end then he showed up one day to say he couldn't live wthout me.. well anyway it went on this way for about another yr even my ex husband which whom i loved very much never did that but i allowed this man to walk on my heart over and over and i still loved him. Then one day i finally just had enough i walked away i was doing so good or i thought affer about a month i met some one i was up front with him about my feelings for my ex but we continued to date then here came my ex back the pic wow i can't even tell you how messed up i was over it i dated this other guy for about 7 months but my ex was on my mind constant in my dreams everything i did so i broke it off and went back he asked me to get married the whole 9 yards but now i am more confused than ever he is bending over backwards to make me happy willing to give anything to have me in his life and i do love him but i don't feel that same spark of love i did for him a yr ago.. Could it be because someone else showed me love and compassion and respect. I feel so guilty because i want to have those feeli gs for him i want to love him we have so much compatibility but could he have hurt me to bad in the past

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