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Idk. Please help

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Relationship advice I haven't been in a legit relationships in over a year, maybe a year and a half, I haven'y even thought about dating. I am only 18 and that's young, but that doesn't stop my from wanting a serious long lasting, hopefully a life long relationship.(my longest was 2 yrs.) Okay I'll start with the problem now. I met this girl about 4 weeks ago online, and we have only been on 2 dates since. the first one(when we met 3 weeks ago) we really hit it off(went to a pool hall with her friends), our 2nd date last week we had a great time, or at least I did, i'm guessing she did too because we have plans to go shooting next weekend. but our second date we did some archery at night and after we lost/broke all of my arrows we cuddled in the back of my truck looking at stars, it was cold so we went inside my truck and turned the heater on, chatted and cuddled for a bit, outta no where we both just started making out and we did that for a while but didn't really go further. I then proceeded to drive her to her friends where she was staying that weekend and she invited me to stay the night, I did and we just cuddled. we woke up, cuddled, kissed, it was super bowl Sunday so we both went continued on with our days apart from each other. but before I left we were talking about random things and she said the only thing that bothers her about me is me age, i'm at and shes 20, we are 2.3 yrs different. ill tell you about her before I tell you the problem. shes 20, lves over 2 hrs away. but goes to school an hr away. and stays at her friends on weekends an hr away but only has 2 months of school left then shes getting her own place 20min away. here is my problem. I have to start the conversation most of the time, if I dont text her first, we most likely arent gonna be talking that day. we are getting along absolutely perfect when we hang out, we like the same foods, places, activities such as hiking, camping and what not. but from conversations I have had with her, she seems to come from a party past, a few crazy drunk sex stories in there too. 1. I would like to know if there are any faithful party people out there. 2, what is a reasonable amount of time before talking about a relationship. 3. what are my odds of her accepting the age difference and us being together? 4. how soon is too soon to talk about a relationship and things of that sort? but besides the crazy stories, I really like this girl and would like to be with her for ever and really hope she is who i think she is!! I have a hard time sleeping cause I think about her so much. if you need any more details feel free to ask and I will reply, thank you!

Idk. Please help

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Slow down, you're moving far too fast.

None of the issues you mention need be a problem if both of you want to make a go of this relationship.

You need to get to know this woman, and you need to let the fizz caused by opening the bottle up again disperse, i.e. to allow the initial rush of romance to settle.

Enjoy the 'now', and avoid building castles in the air. Your post suggests that you are in love with the idea of settling down, and she's probably seen that by now, and might be put off by it.

Maybe she just wants to let you make the running, but bear in mind that over-exuberance can be off-putting if it's seen as being more about the business of having a relationship than the person involved.

Four weeks is no time at all when it comes to getting to know someone, and as she's more experience than you in the ways of relationships, she may see you as a loved-up young guy who shouldn't be taken too seriously because he's high on romance and the thought of settling down

Some partying and experimenting with different relationships is a good way of finding someone really suitable. Better in fact than diving into the first relationship that comes along and rushing into settling down.

I get the impression you may have some old-fashioned ideas about relationships?

You can probably learn a few useful things from this relationship if you avoid trying to mould it into what you want it to be.

Relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the moment while getting to know this woman, and see where it leads you.

That's my advice to you.


Idk. Please help

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yeah i am kinda "old fashion of things, I was raised southern, what can I say, hahaha but ill do my best and thank you for your response to my post, ill do my best to use your advice! :)

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