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on Jun 7 2007 at 23:18
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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category i have recently split from my fiance of five years, we have a seven month old baby girl. one morning she woke up and told me she didnt feel the same about me. this came right out of the blue, we werent arguing no fights. she moved back home a week later to her mums. it later turns out she has decided that she had feelings for a friend of mine, i dont believe this is true but she has stopped talking to and only text about the baby. we have financial stuff to sort out but she seems not to care about the last five years.

is there anything i can do to get through to her to come home

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on Jun 7 2007 at 23:39
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Hi there... sounds like you need to speak to your friend and find out how serious these so called feelings are. Once you know some more about this, then things might be clearer in your head why she is behaving in this way.

Hope that you manage to get her back, and are able to father your child as you want to.

Sorting the finances seems to be something you are concerned about even though this has only just happened recently - have you already made your mind up that you have failed, and that you aren't getting her back?

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on Jun 7 2007 at 23:44
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the finance thing is only a concern because she has stopped work and i am the only earner. i can pay the bills but dosent leave much to live on, i would do anything to get her back. her family think she may have a bit of postnatal depression. i hope that is the case and it can be sorted.

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