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Is he interested or just a friend?

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Relationship advice Last year i began a new relationship, we got along great until things became too intense when i realized i was pregnant and he demanded i abort the baby which i would not do,
I lost the baby at 11 weeks :-( and have been in touch with him via texts casually but hadn't seen him since. My family said if he really cared he'd have been there for me but it was a difficult time for him as he'd lost his mother less than a year before and was having his own problems with his children, as he'd been living with his children and kids but was in the process of moving out which he found difficult to leave his children. Anyway a couple of weeks ago he asked to visit but i was busy, last weekend he asked again and i agreed he came for an hour and we chatted just small talk. Yesterday he asked to visit again, and again it was an hours small talk. He didnt make a move at all. Is he looking for friendship? why drive half an hours distance after work to visit a friend? Or is he interested in me? if so why not make a move? I'd really appreciate some opinions.

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