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Is She Depressed

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on Jun 14 2007 at 09:53
Member since: 07 June 2007
Relationship advice i have previously told about my split with my fiance but things arent getting any better. i think she may be depressed.

We split up about six weeks ago now but i cant get her to talk to me. We had a baby about seven months ago and things were going great. then she lost her appitte was struggling to sleep and always tired. She would go moody for no reason and nip at me for the smallest of things.

I just thought this was because she was at home with the baby all the time and we lived in a rural village and she could'nt drive, Itried to help by taking her down to her mums for a couple of days just for a change. But then she stopped wanting to do that aswell.

I am so worried about her incase she has a bit of post natal depression and doesnt get it seen to. But as i said she wont talk to me about anything and it is put a strain on me to be able to spend time with our baby.

I catch her stareing at me when i am with the baby and we will look at each other for a while and then just look away. i cant get her to talk to me about anything never mind this.##

I there any advise out there.

is she depressed
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on Jun 17 2007 at 17:07
Member since: 17 June 2007
u are right to be worried about her. sounds as though it could be post natal depression but also new babys are demanding and tireing. doesnt help that her relationship has broken down. can u not speak to her mum or family member to see if they can get her to go to her gp. just let her know that u are there 4 her and will give her all the help u can with the baby.

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