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Please, I Really Need Some Advice

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on Feb 26 2013 at 01:35
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Relationship advice So to start off my story, about over 2 years ago I ran into this guy at an anime convention. To be honest, I never considered love or relationships and never found interest in anyone ever in my life. And then I see him and I find him attractive and I talked with him and hung out with him. Eventually after the convention he found me online and it turns out we were like 2 trains away from each other. We hung out a couple times together and eventually went out. Throughout the entire time being with him, it was perfect. We had the same interest and our opinions were the same on certain subjects and we were so like. Even recently like a couple months ago we got into a tv show and didn't know we were both into it until we hung out one time. We tried to make sure we'd make time to visit each other since it was a long distance relationship. I noticed the first winter with him he was kind of moody but I assume because people get moody during the winter. And throughout the rest of the year it was fine, but when winter hit, he went to a convention and came back moody and then he broke up with me saying he hated how I was far away. The break up only lasted a day though and he came back saying how I was perfect for him even I lived far away and that you should never let those who are perfect for you go. So I gave him another chance and things were better. We hung out more and more and everything was better than ever. Eventually winter strolled along again this year. He went to another convention and when he came back I spent time with him (It was when we were celebrating valentines day together). I was down there for 2 days and things seemed fine. But then out of the blue when he is driving me to the train station he tells me he wants a 'break' from me. He told me he was up until 2am the night before talking to people about it and he didn't know how long it would last and he didn't even give me a reason. All he told me was 'You did nothing wrong. You're perfect. Its just something doesn't feel right.' and that was that. I was so devastated and confused and hurt. I texted him 2 nights later asking for answers. I had a right to know and he told me if I had questions to ask him, but he never responded. The break up has been almost a week ago. He hasn't texted me or attempted to talk to me at all. I see him on Facebook talking to all his friends and he seems as though he is okay but I don't know if he is maybe just talking to people to take his mind of things. My problem now is I just want to talk to him. Not about getting back together because I'm sure he doesn't want to here it but I just want to know how he is doing. I still want to be good friends with him if anything and I want to make sure he is doing okay. I'm afraid to talk to him though because I don't want to bother him if its too soon to talk to him again or if I should wait for him to talk to me or wait a while to talk to him. I just don't know what to do and Im looking for any advice. Im going crazy and I just want to know what action to take. I don't want to ruin any chance or getting back together but more importantly I don't want to ruin a friendship either. Anyone, please help.
please, I really need some advice
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on Mar 1 2013 at 18:12
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Talk to him. if things were good then there shouldent be a problem with trying to stay friends. i myself have a long distance problem albet a bit more complicated. i wish in my case she would talk to me more and still be my friend but i feel like shes getting a bit more distant every day. it can only help to let him know that your still interested but ok with where he wants to be at the point you guys are at. be friends for a while dont push a relationship on him and he might just realise that your the one person he really wants to be with.

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