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Not feeling like her partner

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on Mar 2 2013 at 10:48
Member since: 02 March 2013
Relationship advice I am needing some outside views on my issues I am having with my girlfriend.. a brief description of our situation is this. She was the one that pursued me in the beginning. I was still getting over my x. My girlfriend now she was my friend at that time.....I will call her k when speaking about my girlfriend. Well I got hurt and lost my job and k was by my side all the way...she has supported me still to this day...My injury has change my life as of being able to do work in my field. Basically I am trying to get disability or surgery that might enable me to go back to work... so that has a lot to do with things I believe...I finally got over my x and fell in love with k.. Its like I gave her my heart that she wanted so bad. Just to have it hurt again by her. Not on purpose I dont think and she wont tell me anything more than. Your wrong and just because I feel that way dosent make it so...I am a very sensitive man and I love with all my heart. I dont fall in love right away.. when I do its hard to get over when it ends... k and I are still together but its just getting worse... I have been upset about the same issues that she keeps doing. More and more and she is not giving into anything I say is not fair... Basically she pays the way so she does as she pleases.. I feel stuck at home as she makes plans and fills me in on it later.. if I say she is gone a lot of the time.. she is gone more...the thing is she is telling me I am being jealous or over critical about what she is doing. I know I am not a jealous or controling person at all.. I do get my feelings hurt and I will let her know it . I would give her silent treatment after she would break her word to me. So she would just ignore me and sya nothing. I would send her a text on phone and be sarcastic to her.. she wouldnt engage me back with any thing. Then I would tell her to her face, or a letter how I was mad and why. She would say very little and tell me I am tripping.... Am I ? I keep asking myself or try to see her side. I would acknowledge all she has done but told her it dosent give her the right to do as she pleases. It has ended up with her moving back to her moms.. until I give up and say I am sorry... I am sorry for the way i act but I would try and talk about it. She tells me to get over the past and move forward... nothing has change except I keep feeling like she has other priorities over our relationship. ?. If you love someone then do you ignore them.. without trying to prove I am wrong for feeling that way....I just dont understand how we are here.. I know she cares about me because she is here...Yet I feel if I dont conform to her ways its ok for her to walk away... I cant ask her for things if I need it and she says tell her if I need something.... I am home and when ever she comes home that day. She has no idea why I am still not happy with things. So she just says ok fine I am leaving because you dont want to be around me. I feel she uses it to justify her doing what suites her. So am I being a ungrateful person when she buys herself all sorts of stuff. She gives me things but its like she rather not because she pay all the bills. I never have had any body pay my way after I moved out of my parents...now I am being cared for by k.. its alot just doing that..so I feel anymore I cant ask her.. so she uses that reason for not buying me things when she out getting her stuff. I have resentment s because when we first got together. She had plans to do this and that in our relationship. Now its just about her I see and feel... anyways I have tried to communicate as best as I can.. note ir text or face to face... I am made to believe it me because I am not happy with myself.. so I cant be happy with her.. I just thought we were a team or partners and dont feel it from her anymore...so is it me being wrong to expect so much from my partner. Should I follow my feeling that she is not being fair to me.. sorry so long but I am lost...
Not feeling like her partner
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on Mar 2 2013 at 20:38
Member since: 02 March 2013
I think everyone should be made to feel loved or important in a relationship. When one is not getting the attention he or she desires, it can cause issues. You have done the right thing by letting her know your feeling. If she see no problem with how you feel, I don't think this is a very healthy relationship. You deserve to be happy, just like she do. I really can't tell you the choice to make, you have to do what you feel is right. But I did give you something to think about. Hope all goes well for you.


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