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Wife wants seperation

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I met my good lady on febuary 15 years ago after 3 years we split up cos I fancied nextdoors daughter anyway nothing happened and we got back together... in october 2004 in we got married a year after getting we started becoming distant and I ended up having sex with this girl wife found out and let's say me and my good lady sorted out our differences and things we're as normal as they we're gonna be, in 2006 we moved into new house, I started a new job so everything was fresh with us.. in august 2012 I became I'll dr thought I had bowel cancer , in october ,november, december the wife was going out a lot with her friends never had a problem with this but she was coming home 3 sometimes 4 in the morning cut a long story short I went out one night with my mates came home drunk and said some horrible things but I appolgised straight away cos everything that was going on in my body since august, what with her going out to avoid me and yes the lame excuse i was drunk I had enough so xmas 2012 was shit she went out new years eve till 4.30 while i stayed in to look after our 2 children, jan 28th this year had part of my intestine removed tnankfully not cancer then febuary she tells me she wants to move out of course we now start arguements again kids hate it so they go nextdoor to nanny and grandads febuary 15 she moves out to her new house she tells me to move on but i love to much to let go

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