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Relationship/life advice? When i was 17 i had a 5 year plan, get my childcare qualifications and move to the city to start my career while doing university/college part time to become a teacher. it has been my dream since a child to live in the city (which is 5 hours away and i dont get to visit much) but all that changed when i met my man. we fell in love and pretty much moved in together straight away, he was paying off debt from the moment we started dating but at the time, it wasnt my problem. i got one qualification in childcare and my bf hated the city and wanted to stay put. so we did. when i was 18 i fell pregnant to him and had my daughter at 19, we were already engaged when i fell pregnant. when i was pregnant my partner needed a new job and the best one he could find was 2 and a half hours from my hometown and family, yet still 5 hours from the city in a town with a population of 300 people. i hate it and always have here but i love having our family and our own little house, but im constantly travelling between here and family and dont feel at 'home'. Our daughter is now 2 so we have been here for at least 2 years, we originally agreed on 1 year to pay off his debts (he has about 7,000 in debts) but its taken him a long time because he is always buying, selling and working on motorbikes and cars. My dream hasnt changed, i want to move to the city. my best friend lives there (friend of 16 years) and i want her to be part of my daughters life. if i wanted to further persue my career in childcare/teaching the oppertunities are so much better there. but my partner says we still have to wait at least a year here because he likes his job and doesnt want to move until he is debt free... but how long will it take at this rate? my daughter isnt a baby anymore and i feel like my partner doesnt understand that i need nmore to live. he cares about his money, his career but not mine.. i let him get every danm car he asks if he can buy (which made over 13 cars just last year) but then i miss out on stuff because of his debts that were there before me.. i just dont know what to do? should i give up? im 21 and i feel like thats a year i should be doing this move, so i can experience being young, and building my career.. and i miss my best friend! any good advice please..

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