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Separated from husband, jointly own a house, trying to get legal aid for divorce

- Mar 21 2013 at 21:45
Member since: Mar 2013
Legal advice My husband and myself are living separately. He lives in the house we jointly own, I wanted a divorce and to sort out the ownership of the house and to end the marriage. Either he buys me out my share of the house or we sell it. I can not get legal aid. I am on a low income but been refused legal aid. I do not have any children by my husband. I been refused legal aid because my eldest son is 26 years old adult has a disability and his income is assess as a income together with mine, because we share a privately rented flat, my son wants to move out and go into a support living home. I have tried to reason with my husband to sell the house or give me an offer of my share of the house, so my name is taken off, but he refuses to do that. He will agree to have my name taken off the ownership of the house for nothing. I can not give away my share of the house for nothing because I still will not get housing benefit or help to get council house because I would of given away my share house for nothing. We have only been owning the house for 6 years. Once my son moves out of the flat, I will not be able to pay the full rent to private land lord, will not be able to get housing benefit because I am jointly owning a house. I was thinking of moving back into the house but still live separate lives. It's a 3 bed house. But there are fears my husband could get nasty and make my life hell by changing the locks each time I leave to go to work. I think my husband may have rented the property out. I do not know until i can gain access to the property. I do not have keys. He changed the locks when he moved in. I can not check up on the house regularly,because I live far away. I am on a low income and would not even qualify for housing benefit. Can not apply for council house because I am a jointly own home, Can not earn a lot of money even though I work full time. My eldest son, both my sons are from a previous marriage, their father died, years ago. My husband could easily buy me out of my share of the property because he is a processional. Earns £50,000 p.a. He force me out of house before. I was unemployed lost my job, no fault of my own and tried to look for work, he refused to pay the mortgage even though he was working, he told me get out and once I leave he would start to pay the mortgage . I did manage to get a full time job but by that time, the mortgage was in arrears and facing re- procession I had no choice but to move out. I could not pay the arrears. I could of paid the mortgage but not the arrears. Now 18 months later the house mortgage payments are up to date and my husband is living there but I still jointly own the property. Can any one help me with advice?

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