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He broke up with me, but I miss him

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Thanks all for helping me. I have a paining problem. I have been flirting with a guy for 6 months when on one Tuesday he must up his courage and came to me and said: "Hello. You have a beautiful smile!". We started talking but we felt like we know eachother for ages. We were dating for only a day, when on Wednesday he kissed me. We were very happy. Then suddenly "problems" came up in my side. After a week my ex boyfriend sent me a ticket to India (he was an Indian guy) as we discussed long time ago, that this summer I will go there, but not as his girlfriend, just to see India. It was his promis from the past. So the ticket arrived, I was happy in fact, but my new boyfriend (Ano) could not tolerate it. He asked me "Why do you want to go there?? Why is it so important for you?"... he did not understand that I go there to see the country as not everybody can travel to India for free and spend there 3 weeks. I tried to explain him what I feel, and how much I would like to see that country, but with days-going-on he lost his mind. One day he told me that "I don't like that you are going to meet your ex boyfriend in India. Why can't you just stay here with me? Why do you have to go?? ". Again I explained him that: "Listen, I dont love that guy anymore, we are just friends, and we discussed this 3 years ago, that he will invite me to India when he has enough money. Now he has, so let me go, because I want to go and nothing bad will happen, after 3 weeks I have to come home and I will spend the rest of the summer with You. Please understand!!" . He told me, he has to think about it, so he went home. Next morning he told me: "Sorry for last night, I love you, so yes, if it is so important for You then go there. Its just 3 weeks, after that we will be together as long as we want right?" I was happy, I kissed him, and thanked him. Then I went to school and I came home only at night. During my school-time he met his friends, and told them about this story. They must have talked to his head because at night he was waiting for me in front of my house and just told me: "Listen, lets break up! My eyes are opened up. I don't want this relationship with you! If you can't change your mind, then go back to your ex boyfriend, I don't need you, I don't want this. I suffered enough and I just wont let you to make me suffer like this. Now bye!" And he left me there.... It happened 1 week ago, and since that time, I did not get any mail, any phone call, any little sing from him. In fact he behaves now that he hates me. One of his friend wrote me a mail, that "How abnormal you are, that you cant change for Ano. Then you dont even deserve my friend, so fuck off...." Yah, nice :( The problem is, that I love this boy. Very much. It was a Love-Story between us, a very nice lovestory, but right now it is just a war, he hates me and I love him. He is too willful and he won't change his mind, I mean he wont send me any mail I know :( Because his friends are telling him not to. And he listens to them. So, I am left alone, though I did not do anything bad, I guess, I just asked him to accept this trip, to understand me. Whats more, you know what? AFter this, I called up my ex boyfriend and I told him: "I wont go to India,Im sorry.". Because if it is so important for him, then wont go. But now I lost him, I mean he hates me, and I am seriously just left alone here. Now I dont feel like going to India, the nice trip became a hell because this happened. But, I want to get back this boy but what to do when his friends are going againts me(oh they dont even know me, we never met)?? Still he believes to them. :( It pains, so much. Tell me what to do. ... (One good sing: He did not delete me from FB... )

He broke up with me, but I miss him

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Relax and don't please DON'T think theres something wrong with being alone If you worry you can't think proper.
First off, you don't know his friends and nor do they know you so theres something wrong there.
Secondly he seems to want to own you many guys are nice until you show independence they don't like that, NOT good.
Thirdly your choice is of no value to him, instead of "worrying for your safety" to take the trip to INDIA. His bothered with jelousy.
Finally, learn to enjoy "your own" life but be available. If you can't live by yourself how can anybody live with you?
Just enjoy your freedom, spend time with your REAL friends people like those who know how to enjoy life ok?

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