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Please Please Help Its Urgent. Does This Girl Like Me? She's Acting Very Cold And Distant

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on Mar 23 2013 at 14:03
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Relationship advice I had put up my BBM status as "subtly friend zoned". The girl I like asked "hahah who friend zoned you", I said "you who else hahaha". She replied "I thought as much, was somehow hoping it wasn't me (embarrassed/ blush emoticon), but how now this status, I did something recently or what?"

I vehemently denied it because the status was a part of a different conversation but I used it as a bluff. She replied "I am confused, your status was for me which you said and now it wasn't for me."

I replied "it actually wasn't for you, I played a bluff". She replies ":|"

Also she was very warm and cozy and flirty for past three days before this incident

After this bluff incident, I asked her for a date night when she said that she might have to meet a friend and let me know in a bit. Immediately in half an hour she asked me to come for a show with her. While dropping her back when I said that I had to sort my dinner she said, "you should have told me about dinner plus your dinner date is pending."

She relies me on her electronics shopping(she told me, "I am following you blindly") and to purchase some travel tickets(paid money back)

This Friday I asked her if she would meet me in the evening, she said that she has to go to her friend’s (guy)place for a party but she'll meet properly on Saturday and I asked her to join me for a drive she messaged "I WISH I COULD". On Saturday she didn't contact me the whole day. She just messaged me in the evening without me even mentioning anything about meeting that very night "Weren't you supposed to come to meet me?" I couldn’t reply back and I replied back on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning I asked her to come with me to a pub she said "Ok, but I ain't drinking because I had lot of liquor for 3 days and plus who drinks on Sunday without any occasion". I replied saying, "You meeting me and me meeting you is occasion, isn't it". She replied, "NEITHER." after a bit she messaged "I can still meet and chill with you, you know. it doesn’t have to involve alcohol."

In the evening I had some work and I told her that I have some work hence could I see you in the night. she said she had to go for some party and what time would I come. I asked her "what time do you have to go". she replied, "around 9" which is when I was getting done. I replied, "No chance then." She replied, "Let me see if I going to end up going for the party or not"

She said today I want to go to the temple, where I go every once a week (strange because she doesn't go there) I asked her if she's going with someone she said not decided buy you wanna come wid me I said ok and she replies :D" I asked her later "I pick you up from your place?" she said "Yes pls...:D yaay"

Later I asked to reconfirm "Don’t unnecessarily come all the way and cause inconvenience plus XYZ(Guy friend who also goes there often) is also joining. Unless you want to chill before then in that case pick me up"

We went for that and her friend went from other entrance while she chose to come from entrance to temple I chose. and I later messaged I got a bag which I forgot to give you she said "awww baby please don't get anything for me you already do so much and more like booking tickets in a heartbeat, etc major thing which I can't forget easily." but also she was telling her friends a story about not getting in relationships and how she got rid of her ex, which I thought also included me not explicitly.

S he got a haircut which she didn't tell me when I Asked if she got one and she looked pretty she blushed. We two have hung out alone even after she rejected me after i asked out before the "bluff" incident. I asked her if she wanted me to come to help her buy her laptop, she said "Yes pls, you must but on a day when you're not busy"

Since the friendzone bluff incident which i played on her she is acting very weirdly I don't know why. I really played a bluff.

I had asked her out earlier she said "no at the moment if anything in the future we'll see later because I like you but don't love you yet."

What does this mean, does she like me at all?

PLEASE PLEASE HELP its urgent. Does this girl like me? she's acting very cold and distant
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on Mar 27 2013 at 01:58
Member since: 27 March 2013
It doesn't seem like she is into you....when a girl is really into a guy she would make more of an effort.........the good news is that there are plenty more fish in the sea for you

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