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I'm sick of this

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on Apr 2 2013 at 05:18
Member since: 02 April 2013
Other advice Well, I don't normally go to websites to complain about my problems I don't have much but I absolutely hate where I live and what I do with a passion. Everyday I wake up go to school do homework sleep and repeat the same thing every day. I want to kill everybody at my school (not really) but they just need to grow the hell up. Everybody at school is so stuck up its ridiculous I get headaches from them everyday. My school is the scum of the earth. It's not just school either I absolutely hate where I live I'm just sick of Arizona I've lived with my mom for my whole 17 years alive I rarely see my dad I just did recently though he lives in California which is the hard part everytime I see my dad I seem a lot happier just like the atmosphere in California makes me happy. The smell of the beaches and the salt water just makes me feel happy I don't feel happy at all in Arizona I don't know if I just need change or what but I I hate everybody except my mom and the teachers at school. Also, everybody at my school is just retarted they do not know nothing at all they can't read with out stuttering they can't do their own grade level math just everything about Arizona I hate. I don't know what to do
I'm sick of this
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on Apr 4 2013 at 13:51
Member since: 04 April 2013
Finish School. Move to California.

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