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Scleroderma (SSC)

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I am an indian girl of 25 years. I am a patient of scleroderma(ssc) and raynaud's from last 16 years. My skin is very tight and during winters this problem become worst. Although I take the best care but still lots of ulcers developes on my fingers and it becomes very painfull. Last year gangrin developed in my one of my toes and one of my finger that was very painfull. I can neither open my mouth properly nor i can close it . My hands and my mouth looks very bad. I do not do any household work just to protect my self. But still this problem is increasing. My lungs are also affected by all these things. I am really in a lot of tension. I want to be all right. Because of this problem my whole life is becoming worst. Can you suggest i should get married or not and will i be able to become mother. My weight is just 40 kilograms and it does not increase. Can SURGERY help in any way to relieve limbs which are very tight and looks very bad and i cannot straighten my fingers.

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