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Should I stay

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We are both 37 and have been together nearly two years. He has his on flat and i have my own house.I am divorced with two children and he has never been married before. He is extremely loving, affectionate etc. the problem is. it took him 8 months to say he loved me. After than he said a few times. Then last year I made a decision to move to a different to expand my business.assuming he would follow me, he did not but he traveled for 2 hours on the train every weekend to spend it with me and the children. This strained our relationship and he ended it for a week. We got back together and I moved back to our old town and after a few months realising how important our relationship and I have a good business here too. Our relationship is back on track and he is his normal loving self, spending 5 days a week with me.trouble is he does not say he loves. He says he does not want anyone else but is not sure marriage is his style. He says having been raised in a boarding school from age 9 he is used to his own space and on his two nights he can play sport in the evening without keeping me waiting. When he ended our relationship 8 months ago it was the day he was supposed to take me to meet his parents.he told me when we first met that they are racist. He is white and I am black.why won't he say he loves me when he treats me so well?should I walk away.

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