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Sensory integration dysfunction

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We got a baby at two days of age, she would not eat or sleep. She screamed and didn't feel pain. When she did sleep she had to be touching one of us with her head buried under the covers and our arm or side. She is now three years old and has been always constipated and hard to feed. She never took a pacifier or ask for a bottle, but would take a bottle if I gave it to her. She put her hands on her ears and screamed when we went into Wal-Mart or a Restaurant. She was slow to crawl, walk and talk. But she was the lucky one, we knew this was not the things a normal baby does so we got her help, lots of help. We took her to Hershey Feeding Clinic and got her a speech and vocational therapist when she was a year old and they have worked with her until she was three. They have made a great difference and she is going to start going to pre-key next week. My report here is that MD doctors don't know about Sensory Integration Dysfunction and it does affect the health of a child. They don't eat right, they don't sleep right, they are constipated all the time. Doctors of America get a clue and help find a cure. We can't take her to a store to go shopping or our to eat. Its hard to find a babysitter or daycare for her, we need help.

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