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Relationship advice Hi. I've never done anything like this, but don't have anyone to talk to really for advice. So here is my problem. I met my current "boyfriend" in September we hit it off well, but then lately things have been dwindling. Two months ago I ran a race and I told him it was really important to me and that I wanted him to meet my parents. The weekend came and he didn't cheer me on and never met my parents, as always I forgave him and put it behind me. I did tell him I was a little sad. And in this relationship I am the one who always texts/ r calls him. Then he responds hours later or even days later and maybe not answering my question. The other weekend his cousin was in town and he never invited me to meet or hang out with them. I just want to be included in things. And we really never see each other which really makes me sad and I tell him that, but still nothing. Then the other night we were supposed to go on a date, but his boss decides to have a dinner. Wouldn't you think he could have said he already had plans? When I asked him this through text he never answered. Is there any point in continuing this relationship bc I feel like I am doing all the work and I'm scared to get more hurt. And this weekend i asked him to meet my brother, but said he has plans with the boys. While all this is going on there is another guy interested in me who is really nice. The other night we talked for a long time and it just felt good to me listened too.

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