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Default profile image I have this friend (going to call her Sally), who was my best friend for almost a year. Me and her used to be two peas in a pod and chatted on skype for hours while playing online games together. We used to talk about how much fun we would have once we met each other (she lived a few states away). Then I have this guy friend of mine named Ben, he was one of my closest friends I've ever had. Sally and Ben started liking each other and I pushed Sally into dating Ben just because I knew she was developing feelings for him, told her to give him a chance. Needless to say, these two has been long distance dating for almost a year. Me, my bf, Sally, and Ben went on a 2 week vacation together and I was excited to see Sally. However her and Ben was very wrapped up into each other that I've only spent 1 hour with her alone out of the 2 weeks that we were around each other. Long story short, somehow their relationship has changed our friendships and I don't know whether if it's jealousy or just feeling left out. It's hard to explain, it really is. I just can't help but to feel depressed knowing that my only friend that I've had was moving on with a boyfriend. Help..?


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it could just be you feeling left out; absolutely! we all go through that! its perfectly fine but i would say i think you should definitely tell (Sally) that you want a girls night or something where you can just see her or catch up on girl talk without ben being there or how you miss having her around. and since it is a long distance relationship you should be able to accomplish that! honestly the best thing is you just need to voice your feelings! your best friend should totally understand and work on a compromise with you where you both can have the best of both worlds! best of luck!

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