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How Do I Even Deal With This.

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on Jun 18 2013 at 05:41
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Missing People advice I've recently gone through a pretty harsh break up and was feeling absolutely depressed and upset at how easily it was for someone to just drop me. it sent me into a whilrwind of just sadness. i started drinking and wouldnt be the first to call or text my best friends anymore. it came to a point where i thought if youre not going to be there for me, why should i do the same. especially after the break up i just felt so worthless and used that i didnt want to deal with anyone anymore. until i fell off the face of the earth for two weeks and finally i guess my friend had enough and decided to start the conversation cursing and asking me if i was mad which in my response was i was dealing with things and going through some issues but didnt hear from her either and that certainly didnt mean i was pissed at her. which makes no sense. but she went off and basically said i was very close to loosing her as a best friend and a whole bunch of other nonsense which i didnt respond to. im really not concerned with dealing with a bunch of useless drama that i cant handle ontop of getting over someone else. i just dont understand how i can now lose someone i thought i really had feelings for and my best friend. i just dont know how to deal with missing them both. . .?
How do i even deal with this.
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on Jun 20 2013 at 05:39
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Girl, I promise you that your bestfriend will ALWAYS be there for you and a guy wont be. Forget that guy it's his lost I understand your getting over him right now, but what good is it to sit in a dark room eatting ice cream and balling your eyes out? None exactly because just think is he crying watching sad movies and thinking about you 24/7 like you are? No he's not so don't give him the satisfaction of you wasting your time on him. I suggest you text your bestfriend and tell her im having a really hard time getting over this guy do you want to come over and watch a sad movie with me I really need you right now! I'm sure she will be your superhero and come to the rescue. DO NOT text this boy!!!

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