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Advice needed about a friend

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Relationship advice I'm not sure where to start, so I suppose the beginning is as good as any...

I grew up in an abusive household. My brother is seven years older than me (we never really got to know each other or bond as brother and sister). I wasn't allowed to visit other people or have them visit me growing up. All in all, I was a pretty lonely child.

In eighth grade, however, I met this girl on the bus who was a few years younger than I was. She didn't tell me at the time, but she was also from an abusive household. Needless to say, we got along wonderfully. Our bus ride in the afternoon (I lived out in the country, due to my dad's paranoia of someone finding the house) was always an hour long, so we always had plenty of time to talk. This went on for years and years. She moved away once, then came back, moved away, came back, etc... but we always picked our friendship back up where we left off. For once in my life, I felt like I had a sister. The last time she moved, we just kind of drifted apart. I had an emergency at home and lived with my mom in a shelter for six months, while she had plans to join the Air Force. After I left the shelter, I moved 500 miles away and didn't think I'd ever get to see her again.

Just this year, I got a message on Facebook from her. The Air Force had posted her on a base in the same town I live in. I was ecstatic and I went over to her home that night to see her. We sat for hours while she talked and talked... Every time I would try to say something, she would change the subject. But I'm a patient person, so mostly I just sat and listened. I went home for the night, still excited that I had gotten to see her.

Over the next few weeks, we continued to talk (or rather she continued to talk), but I began to notice something odd that she never would have done in the past. Growing up, we both didn't have much; I still don't... But every time I would talk to her, she would brag about something else she had gotten, or (and I'm not making this up) how the Air Force pays her to do nothing. She bragged that their house was free by the government, that they had so much money that they buy things that they don't need (she's married), how that they throw dish towels away instead of washing them because they have so many of them...

And I put up with it for the longest time, until... She had three dogs and a cat (two puppies and a pitbull). The Air Force told her she could only have two animals, but she told me that she didn't care what they said, that she hates being told what to do. Finally, the Air Force told her she had to get rid of some of her animals, so she gave her puppies away and bought (as she put it) a very expensive wolf hybrid. After a few hours of thinking on my reply, I told her that I was disappointed, to which she quickly got extremely angry and wouldn't talk to me. I didn't curse, wasn't rude, just stated that I was disappointed, then tried to explain why. She didn't want any part of my explanation at all. Finally, I just stopped talking, and this went on for weeks, before I apologized. She accepted my apology but told me never to talk about it again. (Imagine that: hates being told what to do, but uses her position in the Air Force to tell other's what to do).

It's been many months since this incident... A few times, she's texted me, but it was always to tell me that she's "having an excellent life". I have no problem with people being happy, but I've told her more than once about my depression. Never once has she asked if I'm okay or why I'm depressed. She never once asked about anything about me...

I'm feeling heartbroken... Every time I think about her, I have a depressive episode that lasts from hours to days. I want so badly to be friends like we used to. I loved her so much; she was my sister who happened to be born into a different family. Now she feels unapproachable...

What am I supposed to do? I really need some advice right now, and please, mature answers only. Thank you in advance.

Advice needed about a friend

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It kind of sounds like shes trying to hide her being upset and unhappy by throwing everything in your face and distracting you from the real problem. I think you should just tell her how you feel have a real sit down deep conversation and tell her that if yall are going to be friends sometimes you need to express your feelings as well not just listen to her. Tell her that you don't mind listening to her but if you could talk everynow and then that it would be great. I think there is a bigger problem going on though and thats why shes acting out.

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