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Help, should I walk away?

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on Jun 20 2013 at 20:15
Member since: 20 June 2013
Relationship advice Hi, I am 35 years old and met a man 7 years ago who I had strong feelings for quite quickly, he went on to tell me he was getting married in a fortnight to wish even though hurt wished him well and cut contact. I had a wonderful relationship afterwards but sadly my partner died suddenly 3 years ago, about 2 months ago the man from 7 years ago has come back on the scene, says he's divorced and shouldn't of got married and seen how things went between us, which he would like now. The problem is he hardly texts, doesn't call and only meets up when he can as he lives and works about 2 hours drive from me. He says all the right things and makes me feel the way I did 7 years ago, I have only been in real love once before with my partner that died and I feel the same way about this man. Is he just playing me? Should I believe he is divorced? I have tried emailing him telling him how I feel, that you can't get to know someone better hardly texting, seeing each other and no calls but nothing changed. We have not been physical with each other I am not like that, I do have 4 children all over 10 years old but it was hard on us when my partner died, should I just tell this man to leave me alone? I am so confused, someone please help..... Thanks
Help, should I walk away?
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on Jun 23 2013 at 22:05
Member since: 23 June 2013
Hi. it does sound like he's being very shady about the way he conects with you. You should not feel like there's anything suspiscious. If a man loves you and wants to be with you he'll be there for you in the ways you need and he'll change when you tell him something is bothering you. I'm sure you noticed that your late partner was like this and that's why you loved him. Don't let yourself fall for this man. Love is just a matter of allowing yourself to be emotionally dependant on a person. Find other ways to make yourself and your children happy. Part of the reason they're unhappy is because they see you suffering. Make friends with people, get out and do things for yourself and don't worry about a man for a while. If something good comes along you won't have to come to a website like this and ask for help because you won't need help. I think you should absolutely walk away. I know it doesn't feel that simple but in reality it is.

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