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on Jun 22 2013 at 14:07
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Relationship advice I have been with my BF for a lil over a year at the time when we got together i didnt know he was married and it was too late feelings were already developed and i couldnt just walk away, him and his wife separarted and he moved in with me then moved out now he is bk in, he went to jail i bailed him out i suppoted him while he got bk on his feet. He always says he is tired when he gets home he never offers to buy me anything or pay a bill he aways gets wat he wants and makes sure he gives he wife $$$ and i would say Ex but they are still married. And when i asked him why he wont bring the kids around he told me because he is married. That really hurt my feelings we are on the same contract so i can see who he calls him & his wife talk all the time sometimes for 5 mins or 30 mins i know they have kids and all but nobody talks that long to there kids father if thats what it is all about. I honestly dont think that he loves me anymore and wants to end his realtionship with me but he dont want to seem like the bad guy i thought that this man truly loved me but i know for a fact that he is seeing other women and he doesnt love me, Im just curious where do i start from him. Just confused need some advice please
straight answer
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on Jun 23 2013 at 10:15
Member since: 23 June 2013
Well babe sounds to me like your man\\\'s having his cake and eating two. If you get my meaning. The x still has his heart because of the kids and this will never change . Its not fair on you and sounds like he doesn\\\'t give a rats about your feelings and somebody that loves you would never compromise the relationship . You need to be honest with him no matter what the outcome . Life is to short to bewith somebody you don\\\'t love

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