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Just need an opinion

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on Jun 28 2013 at 02:01
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Other advice I met this guy on line about 4 yrs ago on myspace. He was supposedly from Florida. Im from Texas. We chatted back and fourth everyday for about 8 months. Just very casual talk. He never posted anything on my wall or commented directly on my pictures and I always thought that was unusual Every time I uploaded a new picture he would inbox me private message to compliment it. I was never able to see any of his interaction with others on his wall because he had it hidden. I asked why and he just told me that some pregnant chick had been harassing him so i though nothing of it. He had lots of friends but they were all mostly female. So one day I check out the location of these women. To my surpass a lot where located in the very same town I was from. I couldn't understand this but never questioned it.

During our conversations he was very sweet. Calling me pet names and I the same. I know he Knew he was interested in him but I tried not to make it so obvious. Im not sure about him. I recall a time him asking me what I thought about him. I also remember him telling me that his mother was visiting from florida and that she was being nosy and wanted to see what was keeping him so busy on the computer often. He told me that she said I was beautiful and that Im the kind of women he should settle down with and I asked him what was his response to her and he was like I told her you live in Texas. Im not sure if he she was really there or if he was trying to tell me something.

We never got to talk on the phone. Most guys ask me for my number. He never did so I always just figured he wasn't that interested in me. About 7 months into chatting with him I got curious if he was even real. So I noticed one day that he tagged one of his pictures with a nick name so I searched for it on myspace and to my surprise I found another profile with a few of his pictures but this guy lived in Rochester NY. I could see his status updates and this guy talked nothing like the one I talked to. This profile also had very few friends maybe under 30. I made my sister send a request to this profile and to our surprise the person accepted. She sent him a message saying hey do you know there is another profile with your pictures. His response was " "maybe its a fake profile" and didn't question anything else. I never asked the guy I was chatting with about it. I guess I was worried about what his response would be.

After that I soon met another guy online who I lived in my town. His last message to me was "I see you found someone. Good luck and God bless" Then I gradually left myspace for Facebook. I tried searching his name on facebook but havent had any luck. I just want to have someone elses opinion on this. I would love to find his again.

Thank you and I hope to hear from somebody

Just need an opinion

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on Jun 28 2013 at 02:43
Member since: 28 June 2013
Well girl,

It sounds like a fake profile. Could be wrong, but that's what I'm sensing.

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