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Is he telling the truth?

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on Jun 29 2013 at 01:18
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Relationship advice Hi, I'm 16 years old and I've been in a relationship for 2 and a half years. My boyfriend makes me the happiest girl alive. A couple weeks ago, he seemed kinda distant and everytime I asked what was wrong his response was that he's content he just doesn't appreciate stuff like he used to anymore. Sounds strange to me. About two weeks ago, a girl apparently told her best friend (who absolutely hates my guts and always starts drama with me) that she and my boyfriend had sex. Her best friend told one of my really good friends this and she obviously told me. I immediately went and texted my boyfriend, but he was swimming and didn't respond right away. I also went to the girl and his best friend. She denied saying it and his best friend seemed genuinely surprised when I asked if my boyfriend cheated with this girl. My boyfriend finally answered and denied it. He's never given me a reason to not trust him before, so I figured the girl was lying and I figured it would all blow over. Then, the girl went to another one of my really good friends and went into extreme detail about what she and my boyfriend supposedly did. My friend called me and read the conversation and ended up three way calling my boyfriend with me on mute so he didn't know I was listening. He was bawling and kept denying it to her and saying that he's scared I'm gonna leave him for this. He also admitted to hanging out with her after school but he said they played video games and took a nap. I've never heard or seen him cry so hard. I decided that I was still going to believe him and just be cautious. He told me a week later that she texted him and apologized, so I figured it was done. She again told my friend more about she and my boyfriend saying she's in love with him and that they've been talking for four months and claimed she was late on her period but then five minutes later was excited because she got it. His best friend also sent me a screenshot of him saying its not true. So what should I do? I want to believe my boyfriend but why would a girl lie so much? Help me please!!
Is he telling the truth?
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on Jun 29 2013 at 04:51
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hi there , just drop both of them and move on..and stop thinking of them...make them think of you instead...cheers and all the best
Is he telling the truth?
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on Jun 29 2013 at 16:44
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I think you're boyfriend is telling the truth but then again the girl is probably an obstacle to the relationship. I believe she wants you guys to break up and wants to be in your shoes that's why she is doing that. But be cautious and pay close attention because maybe he's keeping something from you.

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