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Reconnected with ex

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on Jul 2 2013 at 08:59
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Relationship advice I dated a guy 3 years ago for about 6mths was a good relationship he was head over heels but ended quite badly my fault and there was no contact last sept we spoke via Fb again he was newly single and was keen to meet up at 1st I didn't want to although chatted to him,I meet up with him one night and had a chat talked about why we ended and I said sorry for the things I did we have since maintained occasion contact as he was went back to his ex I think because I didn't really want to date him but had a feeling it wouldn't last, so after 6-7 months of occasion contact his relationship ended again and he started regular contact with me again so for the last few weeks it has been ok quite a lot of contact and flirting so a week ago we meet up he just stares at me like he can't believe I was meeting him?? But ended up going home with him and having sex (bad move I know) but he was asking some funny questions like who had been messaging me that evening?? No one had just him! Now since that evening there's been no contact. I know he's only out of his relationship for a couple weeks and his ex is the type the try and annoy him and get him back I'm cool with the fact that there's been no contact but I'm sure this guy is really in to me you just get this feeling I think and I actually do quite like him we are both 40 so not kids but should I just leave things and let him contact me? I'm sure even he was to hook up with his ex again it won't last and to be honest he got with her after our relationship ended 3yrs ago so think she was definitely a rebound I just don't want to get into playing games the last time he split with his ex she messaged me as she was sure he would come after me so she has a real hang up about me!
Reconnected with ex
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IZZY 343
on Jul 6 2013 at 06:09
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Let him message you first and if he doesn't oh well. But by the looks of it, it seems like he will and in the case tell him what you just said, that you want him to be focused all on you if you two want to make this relationship work again

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