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Long distance

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a year and 2 months. We live in separate states, but only 5 or 6 hours from each other. Even though he has told me many times he is coming to see me, I still have not met him. He doesn't have a job, so has no money for transportation and I can not drive. He used to live here, but we only started talking after he left with his family. I want more than anything to see him. We always talk about our future together, and how we want to get married and have kids. I love him more than anything and he is the only guy I've ever loved. The distance makes it really hard for me because I'm used to seeing my boyfriends I've had in the past. A bad thing that comes with distance is the "not knowing". I always find myself thinking he's cheating on me, or not being honest. It's horrible to think about that but I seem to not be able to help it. People tell me that if he didn't love me then he wouldn't have stayed with me this long..and that might be true but I thought I would ask on here. We get in a lot of fights, like any couple, but they always seem to be about cheating or not being honest. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. Another question I have is if any long distance relationships work out? There's been many times I thought we were done for, but we always stuck together. What do you think I should do about all this?

Long distance

Hey there :) I am in pretty much the same position just maybe one step ahead... I'm across the world from mine! Long distance relationships are always so complicated, money, families, education, jobs or whatever is involved always seems to get in the way! I think if you really have a special connection with this person you shouldn't let it go easily, you shouldn't limit yourself to find a partner within your area for the sake of it. People we could marry are all over the globe, we should never settle for anything until we are really happy. It is difficult not knowing everything, on both parts there is bound to be worry, but if you really love them and they love you, you have to TRUST them. Talk to them about it and say how you love them too much to hurt them and you want to make it work, and see if they will say the same. If you were together and it was the real deal, you wouldn't have the worry about cheating, (hopefully)- and so that argument has gone! But any couple like you said would argue, but i think that's healthy sometimes, it shows passion, and sometimes that your afraid to lose them. I argue with my boyfriend sometimes, like if i'm drinking or going to a party he gets strange and acts all weird with me. But i think you both have to learn you have your own lives, and you still love them but you need your own space as well as love and attention from them! If you really feel like you love him, and care about him more than anyone in the universe. Keep what you guys have, its important, it's not something that you find every day is love, its rare. Why not go on to marry and have kids! It's your life, anything is possible if you want it to be, just make sure your certain about the situation, as i will, and you will make the right decisions. Just be patient, you will be together somehow one day, he will need to get a job obviously and i'm sure he knows this. Just talk about all this with him and see what he is prepared to do. Lets just say i wish i was 5 or 6 hours away from mine! Don't give up, and good luck :)

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