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Two at once and never before!

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on Jul 27 2013 at 00:55
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LGBT advice For the past year I have been trying to understand my feelings towards the same gender and I have come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual, however most of my family (all but one) are homophobic so I am scared to even admit this to myself and terrified that they would find out. I have friends who are homosexual but I do not know them well enough to feel comfortable talking to them about it - I am quite a private person.

However about a week ago two extremely close friends (one of whom is homosexual and the other who is bisexual but only recently discovered) and myself were talking and we got to talking about 'crushes' and they both revealed that they like me. I, unfortunately, like both of them back but for different reasons. I have never had a boyfriend before let alone a girlfriend and until I left home I would not be able to be in an open same-sex relationship, however I really do want to be with on of my friends in more romantic way.

I know that I have stronger feelings for one than I do the other and I can imagine myself in a relationship with her but I am scared to hurt my other friend and risk our friendship. I also would not know how to start anything or bring the situation up again with either of them. I have no experience or confidence and even though I find myself in situations when I want to kiss one of them, I wouldn’t know what to do or how to go about doing it!

I tried to talk to my Mum about it using non-gender defining terms and she assumed it was two male friends and I couldn’t correct her so I am now being pressured by her to date one of two boys who do not like me nor me them.

The two girls in question have both gone on holiday, one for a week and the one that I have the stronger feelings for for two weeks so I have that time to think about it but I just need someone to talk to. I have no one else to talk to and I was hoping someone here could offer me some advice.

This feels like it just turned into me rambling about my situation but if anyone can offer me any advice or have experienced anything similar and would not mind sharing their story that would be great! Thank you!

Two at once and never before!

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on Jul 31 2013 at 20:00
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Well it might be a good thing they r on holiday so u can think things through? at the end of the day u have to be true to yourself not conform to what your families views of right and wrong are only you can decide whats right for yourself and if u like the girl and shes said she likes u maybe u should try and talk to her about it again when she comes back from holiday? Your other friend will understand if they are a true friend they should support whatever decision u make if they cant do that then they aint really a friend worth having. I hope u work it out and good luck with ur friend :-)

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