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Do I still love him?

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Relationship advice We've been living together for almost 13 yrs and got a daughter but we're not married yet. Let say am an honest live-in partner and devoted the rest of my life with him for all those years. Because of “love”
I used to be a victim of a “cheating husband”, he does cheat on me for the 3rd times around but I really don’t care how often he did it as long as I love him. I know you might call me martyr and that’s what my friend called me. I sometimes want to retaliate on him just to let him feel the feeling of being cheated with someone that you really loved but I think no point of doing that stupid things. So I ended up silence and acting like nothing happens and he told me that I have to keep this sensitive situation between me and him coz he said that it would be discredit for each one of us since we’re live-in partner. So I listened to him but the fear for him is still is there for doing the same thing again (cheating). So I’m really helpless and I don’t want mention this problem to my family instead I often go to church and confess everything and ask the GOD to solve this big burden of mine. So I think God answered my prayer I really feel his moves, I really feel like the fear that am carrying for a long time something like gone slowly until that I can handle everything. And I woke up one day that the unconditional love that I feel for my partner getting colder
I don’t know why thus it happened. And it doesn’t matter for me if he sees anybody it seems like am getting used to it so nothing to be worried about. And one more thing I don’t feel like having sex with him so it looks like we are being civilized with each other, but sometimes when we go to sleep he often ask me, “If I still love him?” but I’ve got no nerve to tell it to him directly coz I don’t want to hurt his feelings I don’t know why. And I started telling my problem with my family and they really feel sorry for me but still I don’t know what to do. And I really don’t know if I still love him. Somebody help me out with my situation. Thanks!

Do I still love him?

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apparently, you have been used to his infidelity that your way of coping with the situation is not to care too much. you want to care, hoping he will change but you very well know that once a cheater- always a player. and mind you, three times.
Keep on praying. Pray for enlightenment, not only for you but also for your partner. The question i think, is not so much if you love him because clearly you have put up with all the hurt. that is love. the question is, do you want still want to go through life with him? if you say yes, then pray for strength and more patience. and ask IF HE LOVES YOU ENOUGH TO GET MARRIED. 13 years is quite a long time dear. if you would like to move on and have a new life, by all means pray and move on. You can.
Either way, trust God he will guide you every step of the way.
I pray for you dear. :)

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