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Long distance relationship

I am 16 years old and I met my 15 year old ex girlfriend on a game when I was 14 she was 12 years old at the time. Over the months and years we kept falling more in love but we broke up allot because it was hard not being able to touch each other. I live 5-6 hours away from her and I do not even have my permit yet. We are ( in my opinion ) the best couple out there because we can tell each other anything and we want to make it work out. She just broke up with me because she says she doesn't love me like I love her anymore but she also says once I visit her she will date me and when we kiss she'll want to marry me... It doesn't make sense to me... But there is my problem in a nutshell so any help or advice is appreciated. ( moving on is not an option for me unless she needs to)

Long distance relationship

Dear TylerTyler, Thank you for being courageous enough to share your story with us. I think it's so beautiful that you seem to care so much for this girl, but I have actually been through this myself. Off and on relationships are no good - they eventually lead to a lot of pain and heartache. If you two really truly love each other, distance shouldn't be an issue OR if you guys really love each other, maybe you guys should realize that right now isn't the best time to be dating. Your resources and challenges in life just don't permit you two to be together. I wish you luck in getting your permit because that's a very good thing to have! It's just one step closer to actually getting your license and being able to see this girl that you love. I think you guys have the qualities of a good couple but being a good couple requires so much more than communication. I ask that you really think about what you're getting yourself into because you don't deserve to be victimized to someone who only "loves" you when you're around. That's not fair to you, my love. Maybe waiting until you guys can actually be together in person, just the both of you, forever and always, is the best solution. Moving on should always be an option because you should never allow yourself to be used by anyone or unhappy with someone. I understand that you think you're so in love with her, but trust me when I say, you can be proven very wrong in a matter of time. Really think about what you want and don't let your love for her blind you to what may be necessary for you to do in order to protect your heart. I don't know if you believe in God or not, but I want you to know that He is with you at all times and you're not alone in this situation. Trust in the Lord to make you better and heal all wounds. All wounds do take time and I have faith in your problem that within time, it will all get better. I'll pray for you. Keep your head up, darling. I wish you the best. Love, Pazley ♥

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