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Tough Love

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on Aug 18 2013 at 04:10
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Relationship advice Okay. So there is this guy. Let's call him Andrew. So basically before high school me and my friend Alex switched Facebook passwords just for fun. And one day Alex went on my Facebook account and asked Andrew to hang out, pretending to me. I wasn't aware at the time, but Andrew accepted "Alex's" offer. The next day, he asks me what we should do, and as I acted confused, alex pulled me aside and told me the situation. She wanted to set me up because I hadn't dated anyone before Andrew, so i was unexperienced. So i went with it, having no relationship experience at all. So we planned to go out, and everything was fine until one day Alex told me that she was talking to Andrew. Andrew had told Alex that we wanted to break up with me. And me, angry and upset, I broke up with him on Facebook first. It was awkward, but we hugged and told each other we would remain friends. Then i had a crush on another guy named Max, in the same class, a few months after this whole thing. Then i heard a rumour had spread that Andrew had told everyone i liked Max. I got angry, and hit Andrew. I had no idea what i was doing, and im not a violent person. What the hell was i thinking ? i have no idea. I regret this so much, i think about it everyday. So some years passed, and in high school we became close and friends, but now we started talking and it has gotten so awkward because im the one who has to start the fucking conversation and i had enough of doing this. i don't know how he is feeling about me and im so confused. i wish he could talk to me or at least start the conversation. I don't like him, at least i don't know what i feel about him. I need him to talk to me more so i can figure this out. What do i do ?
Tough Love
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on Aug 26 2013 at 23:58
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Dear MILA,

This you can solve with one thing, but it is the most hard and awkward thing. You have to talk to him about how you are feeling about your friendship with. Tell him what bothers you. I think i might know why you hit him. It could be because you trusted him and he broke that trust? ( if i am wrong, then just act like i didnt write that ;) ). About you always being the one to start talking is maybe because he likes you? I mean you guys are close friends and i assume he wasnt acting like this until recently, right? Just go and talk to him but before you do that just think about if you like him so you can figure some things out for your own :). If you do then ( if you want to) can tell him that too. Just do what feels good to you. :)

Good luck and I hope this helps you out a little :)

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