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Chatroom flashing

I'm a 14 year old girl who made a really big mistake. I went onto a chatroom because I was really bored, and a guy started chatting with me. He asked if we could go on camera which i said was ok, and fast forward, I showed him my breasts. I really regret this, and I'm really anxious and I know I made a huuge mistake. After i closed the chat with him (because I had a bad feeling) he told me he could find my ISP address or something, and that he recorded me! He said he was going to post the video of me showing my breasts and butt online. I said I didnt show my face, but he said that when i got up I accidentally showed it. He told me he was 16, and he also showed me his private parts. He said my friends and family were gonna see it and he was threatening me .. im so nervous and i regret this big time. What should I do? Im known for being a good girl - I would never do something like this and I really regret it. Can he really find my personal info from a Yahoo Chatroom?? Please help me!!!

Chatroom flashing

Please don't panic and stay calm. Take it from me and my experience, I had online sex with a guy and I'm also seen as a good girl. Please remember these important facts: :People have done far worse things in life and are totally fine, we are human. we are entiteld to do things we later regret. Your parents will be fine with this. :He showed his private parts as well so he's in the same boat as you. Also I bet your chat shows that he instigated the showing of the private parts. That's entrapment! : If he is threatening then please tell someone! If he is blackmailing you for money in exchange for your silence then he is the one in trouble, not you please believe that. Blackmailing is a crime! He is the one in trouble not you, and you can tell him that with confidence. Daniel Perry was in the same boat as you and I assure you it's this person that is the criminal not you! Please do what Daniel could not and face your fear of this little C*** and of your parents. Your parents love you and will remember that once they were young too :)

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