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Achieving goals

Posted by
on Aug 26 2013 at 18:14
Member since: 13 August 2013
Other advice hi,i am bad at achieving goals,when i set a difficult goal i experience so many obstacles which slows my progress and i dont achieve in time,any advice,has anyone ever achieved a difficult goal

Achieving goals

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on Aug 26 2013 at 20:57
Member since: 26 August 2013
I know exactly what you mean because I have trouble with it too. I too thought that there where always obstacles but in reality, I just made them up. When there was a little thing such as: being too tired, I just gave up. I am not sure if this is identical to what you have but my advice is: keep pushing your self. You have to force yourself into doing it. If there are obstacles just avoid them whenever you can, is this not possible then try to solve them and go back to what you wanted to finish. I hope this will help you a little.

Good luck :)

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