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I don't understand what is wrong with him and why he is changing?

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on Aug 28 2013 at 16:17
Member since: 28 August 2013
Relationship advice My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months now and the relationship has been amazing, the only problem we have ever had is the fact that he wants to become a professional footballer and therefore has a very busy schedule which leaves us with little time to talk to each other and see each other. Luckily we both go to the same school so we try to overcome the problem by walking home together sometimes and i go and watch most of his games to show my support, and we spend some lunch times and break times together as well as seeing each other in the afternoon a day on the weekend.

HOWEVER as soon as the summer holidays started, things changed and I've felt as if we have become more distant. He got a job and his training has become more intense., hes either at the park working out or at training or at the gym or at work.

His messages weren't as constant and we would see each other only once a week, then i left to go on holiday for 2 weeks.. whilst i was away we spoke once in a while.

Then i returned and he didnt have a clue that i had come back until 3 days later and thats because i rung him asking if there was a problem as we hadnt spoken for 3 days which is unusual for us as we always send each other at least a good morning or goodnight message. He explained to me that he's been really busy and just hasnt had the time to talk to me and that hes just been constantly tired and dosent even talk to his own mum that much.. which i think is wrong because he needs to have a balance in his life and cant jus push away the people that he loves (please tell me if im wrong).

The phone call didnt last for long as i was quite pissed off.. but he ended up sending me a message the next day apologizing and again stated that it wasnt just me because he jus does not want to socialise as hes too tired... it feels as if he thinks its a chore to talk to me.. hes my boyfriend.. he should want to talk to me not feel like he has to.. right? i replied saying that i felt unimportant and he ignored me...

so 2 days later, me being the idiot that i am, messaged him again and we spoke normally for a bit until he had to sleep because he had to get up early the next morning but he still said goodnight the way he used to and sitll told me that he loved me (i doubt he meant it) .. i then asked him when i was going to see him and he told me that he was going to try and find a day and that he would message me when he was free.. its been 5 days and i have not heard from him since...

its great that he's working really hard for his future and that he has aspirations, i wouldnt expect him to put me before football because its his dream and he knows he has my full support with it but i just think what hes doing is completley out of order because hes pushing me to the side like i dont exist and as if he doesnt care at all.

its just strange because everything was so different at first, he made me feel so special and i dont understand how and why it changed all of a sudden and how he's jus seemed to have lost feelings for me..

sometimes i think i should jus let him have his time and understand that hes very busy at the moment but then i think again and find it strange that he cant find at least 2 minutes of his day to send me at least one message although its hard as he does not have credit therefore cant message me until hes home and from what hes told me he leaves early at around 6 and gets back super late.

i honestly dont know what to do..

im currently waiting to see if he makes a day to see me so that we can talk face to face and so that i can either finish it or tell him to change but at the same time i dont want to give up on the relationship that easily...

.. should i message him again?

.... should i leave him through text or wait for him to give me a day?

has he lost feelings for me?

where did i go wrong?

am i just not important to him?

ive just got all these questions flying around in my head and its really bringing me down..

Has anyone got any advise on what I can do to make it better?

I don't understand what is wrong with him and why he is changing?
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on Aug 29 2013 at 09:05
Member since: 13 August 2013
you need to talk to him about your future and then decide
I don't understand what is wrong with him and why he is changing?
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on Aug 29 2013 at 19:40
Member since: 27 August 2013
this is DIANDRA MICHAELS used to be girlfriend has Michael not been telling you what has been going on regarding our problems first your son began to act different the past 2 weeks but last night enough was enough he had the audacity to make an attempt to lie to me and to my mother

so if your son was a honest person to me in the beginning about not ready for a girlfriend or wants me to be even just friends

He has continuously lied to me and I think I want u to protect him and prevent him from getting any new girlfriends he is too immiature I really did had feelings for him but he in the end was disappearing and you know the days you drop him off in school the days he doesn't have school you know what he does my mom observes him always while im in class he studies maybe for 15 minutes but then he wonders here and there all over messing around with friends and people and yet he never calls me and never tells me where he is in the beginning he used to call me all the time but something snapped and since family issues at home and work not coming in hes been stressed out and doesn't know what to do but then he has the nerve to lie to me and say he doesn't have time for me that's bull bs because hes been going out on school nights with his friends and he is rejecting me it sounds like he isn't interested in me anymore nor he cares about me seriously u need to send him to mental hospital or he is not capable of going to college because you have no idea how badly he broke my heart and it kills me the money that comes to him from work he doesn't share with you

I was beginning to fall in love with him he admits he never had a long relationship before but how he tells every girl I have a lot of work I don't have time for you is his way of saying were over

im devastated and heart broken and yes I feel bad for him I want him to go to jail

I am about to commit suicide in a couple of days stick a knife in my heart and I hate being alive I keep getting the wrong guys and im sad as it is my life is not worth living I failed as a daughter to my parents im so weak and I think negativily im being serious Michael is a horrible friend less alone he is not stable he just wants to have fun and he just wants to get rid of me if I knew it was going to be like this I would of never said to be his girl friend its safe to be not partners and to be just friends now maybe im not ready for a relationship either I admit because heart broken rejected I cant accept I expect things to be perfect or at least work things out I tried to support your son but he is afraid to tell me the truth im so sorry but im about to get a knife and stab it and kill myself no one loves me anyway look I told your son maybe he cant know what to do now I do agree we shouldn't be dating now until things fall into place again he needs to finish this semester then we can talk again but he thinks I cant wait and all he wants to hear is for me to leave him alone but I cant im in love with him whatever happen to forever and ever also by the way we had sex in school several of times I thought I was the reason he was happy again I guess im not his match not that special girl I bet every girl he will dump because he is not stable and gets bored of them for example he told me he wants to make new friends but every time we walked together it will be every corner hey Camille hey William hey Adrian one friend after another then he will not include me in conversation please help me get your son to be with me again I don't want to have to kill myself please at least convince him that we can have hope time for eachother when the family issue is over and school I don't want him to be forced either just find a way for him to not respond you with a lie either you remember when you had your first love and more loves from the past please you know your son more then I do

have him call me at 305 663 8117 at work I normally answer the phone

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