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Relationships in school

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on Sep 3 2013 at 19:53
Member since: 03 September 2013
Children & Young People advice I'm 14. I don't know what you mean by stay cool. It's the second school day and I already have my eye on a girl but it looks like she isn't interested in what I have to say and stuff. I don't know how to act around girls and what the definition of 'staying cool' is. The last two days I've been talking to girls very seldom and not really conversations with 'How're you and stuff' just questions like 'what do we have now or what subject are you doing next?'. Am I meant to go up to girls and start talking and stuff because I don't want to look like a try-hard or anything and I'm a bit shy to say that stuff. I don't whether being really quiet around a girl a good thing is or not. So far I haven't gossiped or said anything bad about anybody so that's not a problem. I just don't think it's really working.

Although Monday, first day of school, during sport I was much better than anyone at football scoring 8 goals or something and everyone who wasn't bothered was standing in a group in the middle of the field talking and I was a bit tired so I went over there. Then I saw her and she said 'You're name is Jef right?

I said ' Yeah that's me"

'That's a cool name I wish i was called Jef' she said and I just smiled and walked off to play football. I thought that was a good sign and I was very happy but the next day she doesn't talk to me at all and doesn't seem interested. All I said to her was 'what are you doing PSHE or Religion learning (optional lessons)?' and she replied 'PSHE' but she seemed very uninterested. I just don't understand maybe you can help :).

Relationships in school

Reply from
IZZY 343
on Sep 6 2013 at 07:21
Member since: 19 February 2013
Maybe you just don't realize it but she's the shy one and maybe she wants you to start all the conversations. Ask her to hang out sometime. Yes, you've only known her for just a little while but by going out with someone it's easier to really get to know them!(: I wish you the best of luck!

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