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He may have gotten someone esle pregnant

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Relationship advice ive been in a relationship with guy for a minute now

he tells me how he loves me more than any other girls he's talked to and

how he doesnt know what he'd do without me . He's says im his wifey

and all that bull shit .We talk about anything and one day when we had first started dating he was saying something bout this girl that he "used" to date and that wont get over him and has tried to ruin every relationship he's been in . I didnt give much thought to it because i didnt think it would be an issue . Apparently She lived next door to him but hes moved and twice shes text me then called me from his phoneat 3 am ! Each time he came up with some exscuse as to why she was there . Heres the thing , i live on a different island and the last time she called she said that

they live together and that shes pregnant!I told her to put him on the phone

and she wouldnt. She said she didnt wanna wake him and to call him tomorrow AND


When i told him off and told him to never talk to me again he acted like he

didnt know what i was talkin about and he said that his new place is next to her family and that she was locked out so he was being nice and let her in until they came . Then he said how he fell asleep and she took his phone and how she must of erased the messages she sent me.He also said that shes not pregnant and their not living together . Heres the thing im sick and tired out not knowing what to believe because im not even over there and i dont have a way of verifying that what he's saying is true.At the same time the only reason im entertaining what hes saying is because i dont understand how he could possibly be living with her when we text from early in the morning till late at night EVERYDAY.We talked on the

phone every night till 3 and 5 am . Ive even video called with him until late at night

and saw his bedroom and where he slept and he told me how he lived with his brother

and stuff and ive seen him going in their house on video call and spoke to him.

After she called me his brother even told me that the girl is crazy and stuff. Am i wrong for not believeing him or am i a complete idiot for believing him?

He may have gotten someone esle pregnant

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Hi KISKOBLUE. This is difficult. There is no way of really knowing what the truth is. Yes this girl might be crazy but how does she get his phone. A phone is a personal thing you keep by you all the time. His brother could be laying to protect him. I do not think she stays with him because of your chats but she does visits him. Why doesn't he just tell her not to go there? Why does he allow her inside the house? There is a lot of questions. I think you need to get yourself someone who is close to you! And someone you trust because you do not trust this guy at all.

He may have gotten someone esle pregnant

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hello :) thanks for the advice he has since contacted her in my presence and told her that he loves me and to stop trying to interfere with our relationship

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