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Living Together

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on Sep 23 2013 at 23:18
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Relationship advice I have been divorced for about 2 years now. After my divorce I moved back home with my mother. I started dating someone a year ago. He also lives at home but not for the same reasons. He was out on his own for a few years and moved back home with his parents because his roommate moved out and he received a pay cut at work. He has been home for about 3 years now. I constantly push him to save and move out with me. He keeps telling me that he doesn't want to put us in a bad situation and we will do it when the time is right. His biggest worry is money and he is having a hard time saving right now between all of the weddings we have been going to and the constant spending we do! We spend so much money going out to dinners, etc. because of the fact that this is the only time we can be alone! It's not so bad when we go to my house. I have more privacy than he does. When I go visit him I am hanging out with his entire family and have zero alone time with him. His bedroom is basically a closet with a bed so we can't even hang out in there. Besides for the living situation he is a great guy. We get along so well, we laugh together, we have very similar personalities. This means a lot to me since my ex-husband was none of that. He took care of me financially and always took the reins and made sure we were OK. I guess this is what I am used to and maybe I need to take a deep breath? I find myself obsessing over the fact that we live at home. I am scared that this will go on for years and then I will want to walk away. He assures me that this will not be the case. I just don't see how a situation one or two years from now will be different than now. He is doing nothing to change his job. I am the one saving and he is not. One day I am OK with this and assure myself that things will change. I need to have a goal; a light at the end of the tunnel. Right now I feel like I am working on this goal alone and it frustrates me. I feel like a 32 year old child. I am not used to living with my mom.I was married and had a house, now I have nothing. Need advice- is it me? I am OK with hearing it is, I just need to know what to do.
Living Together
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IZZY 343
on Sep 24 2013 at 04:23
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Focus on yourself. If you don't like living at home then save up money and you can get an apartment for yourself he doesn't need to come with you, especially if he's not ready that could make things bad

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